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Safe Cars, Safe Clients: Your Wellbeing On the Road

Every time a client entrusts a ground transportation company to drive them somewhere, they are relying on that company to provide a safe ride. Whether it’s the route the driver chooses, the upkeep on the vehicle, or the driver’s training, clients want to feel safe in the car and that the person behind the wheel is trustworthy and competent. To achieve our high safety standards, Eagle chauffeurs observe two crucial safety protocols: pre- and post-trip inspections of their vehicles and defensive driving techniques.

Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections

Every morning, each Eagle chauffeur conducts a pre-trip inspection of their vehicle be-fore they depart on their first assignment. During these inspections, chauffeurs analyze every last detail of their vehicle’s condition to ensure that everything is in optimum work-ing condition.

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At Eagle, customer safety is the number one concern.

While inspecting their car, a chauffeur checks for all conceivable defects. They monitor the levels of oil, coolant, and steering, transmission, and brake fluids. They ensure that windshield wipers, turn signals, brake lights, headlights, and seat belts are operating properly. Chauffeurs note tire pressure, as well as the condition of the engine (e.g., belts, hoses, etc.). These pre-trip inspections also ensure that the vehicle’s interior is pristine for the client and that the vehicle’s exterior has not suffered any damage.

At the end of each day, chauffeurs also conduct post-trip inspections. These inspections are identical to the pre-trip inspections, allowing chauffeurs to immediately note any changes in the vehicle’s condition that may have happened over the course of the day. If a chauffeur switches vehicles at any point during the day, they will conduct another set of pre- and post-trip inspections for that vehicle.

In other words: every Eagle vehicle is thoroughly inspected before and after each use, ensuring that the vehicle is safe, functional and in pristine condition for clients.

Safety When Travelling: Defensive Driving

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Once a client is in the car, the chauffeur is responsible for maintaining safety during transport. To this end, Eagle chauffeurs must attend defensive driving classes. These classes train our chauffeurs in the strategies and techniques of safe defensive driving.

By practicing defensive driving, Eagle chauffeurs learn to prevent accidents. They know how and when to check their mirrors, and how and when to break in order to stop smoothly and safely. Defensive driving also teaches chauffeurs to be aware of their surroundings at all times, so they can safely transport clients without interference from other drivers on the road.

Our other best practices also lend themselves to safe driving: because Eagle chauffeurs pre-plan their routes and alternate options, and pay keen attention to the weather and construction, they do not lose their focus or composure, and avoid most stressful driving situations.

Safety is about training, vigilance and preparedness: it’s not something a driver can “do once” and forget. Eagle’s commitment to safety means it is a part of our everyday habits and best practices, something we always keep in mind and always strive to excel at. We understand that our clients rely on us to provide safe vehicles and safe chauffeurs – there’s a lot of trust between a client and their ground transportation company, and we do everything we can to honor that trust.