Tech-Powered Travel: The 5 Best Gadgets For Your Trip

You already use technology to improve your day-to-day — why not use it to better your travel experience as well? We’ve created a list of the five best gadgets for on-the-go professionals. These items will make your trip easier and far more enjoyable.

1. Mophie Space Pack

The Space Pack is a rechargeable battery case that doubles the battery life of your iPhone. Sure, there are other, similar battery cases, but the Space Pack stands out from the crowd by also doubling your phone’s storage capacity: you can add as much as 32 GBs to your iPhone storage with the Space Pack.

Besides the obvious value of a longer phone life, the Space Pack also serves as a space saver: when you can store more data on your smartphone, you can cut down on the number of devices you need to carry with you. Whether you’re bringing along important documents for a client meeting or an expanded music library to pass the time on the plane, the Space Pack is an invaluable addition to your travel arsenal.

Price: Starts at $149.95

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2. DLP Pico Projectors

Think you can’t fit a projector into your pocket? Think again: the DLP battery-powered Pico projector is an ultra-portable, pint-sized projector that you can take anywhere. The Pico projector connects to laptops, smartphones, digital cameras, and most other video playback devices. Despite its small stature, this projector can produce a full-sized image on par with any traditional projector.

With the Pico projector, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll have access to the tools you need for your presentation, nor will you have to deal with arranging rentals or wrestling with unfamiliar, unreliable video equipment.

Price: Varies according to model

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3. PocketCell

PocketCell is a small rechargeable battery bank that you can use to charge almost any USB device while on the go. Simply charge the PocketCell for a few hours before you leave, and you’ll have enough spare energy to make it through any flight, no matter how long.

The PocketCell is also important for meetings and conferences, where you never know what kind of access you may (or may not) have to power outlets. With PocketCell handy, you need not worry: you can charge whatever device you need to charge wherever you are.

Price: Starts at $54.99

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4. Trakdot Luggage Tracker

With Trakdot, you’ll never lose your luggage again. Trakdot connects to your smartphone and uses cellular networks to determine its location. Keep Trakdot with your luggage, and it will ping you with your bag’s whereabouts. You’ll know when your luggage arrives and where it is — and you’ll also know if it doesn’t show up when and where it is supposed to.

Price: $49.99

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5. LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive

There’s no better way to keep your private files secure than LOK-IT. LOK-IT is a flash drive that comes with a built-in physical PIN pad. Before users can access the files on LOK-IT, they must key in the proper pin. No one but you will be able to access the confidential information on your LOK-IT. In the unfortunate event that it does fall into the wrong hands, your files are still totally and completely protected.

Price: $76.25

Buy it now:,2817,2381269,00.asp

Thanks to portable tools like these, business travel no longer means making do without the tech equipment you’re used to. The market of indispensable gadgets like these is growing, allowing business travellers everywhere to bring the amenities – and the performance – of a full-scale office set-up with them on the road.