Safe and Secure: Eagle’s Promise

Eagle provides luxurious transport, but being safe and secure is our No. 1 priority. When you’re in an Eagle vehicle, you can be confident that your chauffeur is smoothly and skillfully handling your ride.

Keeping You Safe

Licenses, Insurance & Background Checks

All Eagle chauffeurs must possess valid licenses and maintain pristine driving records, which we monitor closely. We conduct background checks on all of our drivers. Our insurance prescribes strict safety regulations that all chauffeurs must meet. Only our trained chauffeurs may operate our vehicles.

Become an Eagle Chauffeur

Learn what it takes to be the best chauffeur. From driver training to attire, we’ll help you deliver the best impression as a professional chauffeur.

Careers Chauffeur Hat

Vehicle Maintenance

Chauffeurs also conduct regular vehicle maintenance. They not only keep the inside clean and well stocked, but they also keep an eye on their vehicle’s performance. Eagle chauffeurs are in tune with their cars — they know if the oil needs to be changed or the tire pressure adjusted. By keeping their vehicles in top shape, Eagle chauffeurs help ensure your trip won’t be interrupted by flat tires or engine troubles.

Emergency Preparedness

While extremely uncommon, should an accident occur, your Eagle chauffeur remains in contact with our dispatcher, who can immediately access a risk manager. This team will work together to assess the situation and take any necessary action, including obtaining police assistance. They’ll also be sure that you get where you need to go, no matter what happens.

Keeping You Secure

At Eagle, we understanding that safety isn’t just a physical matter – it’s also a psychological one. Eagle’s clients include executives who run major corporations and conduct important negotiations. Eagle chauffeurs are discreet and unobtrusive, since your privacy is just as important as your physical well-being.

Privacy & Discretion

When you’re in an Eagle vehicle, everything you do and say – and everywhere you go – stays private. We’re not broadcasting your moves or sharing your personal phone conversations. Instead, we create the sort of safe environment where you can go about your business without any fear of interruption.

Eagle gets you where you need to go safely and securely, in mind and body.