Music, Productivity, and Making the Most of Your Time in the Back Seat

In these hyper-connected times, professionals need to make the most of their every moment in order to maximize their productivity. While it may seem like music is just a distraction, it actually turns out that listening to the right music at the right time can boost productivity. In fact, nine out of 10 people perform better when they listen to music while they work.

When a customer is riding in a chauffeur’s vehicle, he or she calls the musical shots. Customers should take advantage of this fact, and when they’re working in the back seat, they should feel free to ask their chauffeurs to turn on the type of music that will help make them more productive.

What to Listen to and When

All music is not created equal when it comes to productivity. Certain types of work call for certain types of music. Professionals should take some time to figure out what type of music best suits the type of work they do:

  • If your work involves numbers or close attention to detail, listen to classical music: If your work involves (relatively) simple math or detail-oriented tasks like spell-checking and editing, classical music is the way to go.
  • If you need to work in a hurry, listen to pop music: Pop music is found to make workers complete their tasks more quickly. It’s also good for repetitive tasks, like data entry.
  • If your work involves solving equations, listen to ambient music: If you work with numbers—and those numbers are in equations—then you should consider listening to ambient music. Research shows that listening to ambient music while solving equations leads to greater accuracy of work.
  • If your work involves solving problems and abstract reasoning, listen to dance music: Dance music actually helps in a variety of work situations, including proofreading and mathematical word problems. When it comes to general problem solving and tasks that require abstract reasoning, dance music makes you work faster and more accurately.

See? Music isn’t just a nice distraction. In the backseat of a chauffeur’s vehicle, music can also be the key to a more productive trip. Don’t let the ride be a waste: turn on the right tunes and breeze through your work.