Let Eagle make your trip even easier.

Managing Travel Receipts the Easy Way with Eagle

Travel receipts: they’re terribly important, but easy to lose, especially when you are travelling. Perhaps the electronic receipt has vanished into cyberspace, or the physical copy has been lost. Maybe the clerk forgot to print a receipt in the first place. Whatever the case, receipt management should be an easy process – and it can be, with the right system in place.

An Integrated System

Eagle’s reservation system and accounting system act as a unified whole. As soon as a client makes a reservation in the booking system, the accounting system also gains access to the same information. Within one business day of a completed ride, the accounting system automatically bills out the trip and sends a receipt via email.

This integrated system prioritizes the needs of frequent travelers, by eliminating wasteful and needlessly complicated receipt management issues: it sends the right information at the right time, directly to the client’s inbox.

Need Another Copy?

The Eagle system automatically sends a copy of the receipt via email, but should the client need another copy, a simple phone call or email request will suffice. No matter whom the client speaks to — the reservation department or a dispatcher — all Eagle staff members can access the receipt information, in order to provide clients with optimal service.

As an Eagle client, you can simply visit our website and access your receipt. The only information you require is: the trip identification number, the last four digits on the credit card and the passengers’ last name. After you enter that information, the receipt will pop up on the screen and becomes available for you to print. In either case, our system is designed to deliver quick turnaround on receipt requests so that our clients spend less time waiting and more time doing what matters to them.

Receipt management can add extra stress, wait times and difficulty to travelling, but with a smart system in place where the reservations system works in tandem with the accounting system, Eagle clients that cross that concern off their lists.