Keep Your Customers Coming Back: 5 Tips to Build a Repeat Client Base

Turning new customers into repeat clients is important for any chauffeur. It guarantees regular business and income, and repeat customers often make important business referrals that help grow a chauffeur’s client base. Garnering repeat business means chauffeurs need to be able to build and maintain strong relationships. These five tips are a good place to start:

1. Get to Know the Client — and What They Want

The first step in attracting repeat customers is to identify the specific style of service he or she prefers — and then to deliver that service each and every time. Clients will only return if they feel comfortable and enjoy the ride.

To understand what each customer prefers, chauffeurs have to get to know their clients. This does not mean chauffeurs should chat constantly or pry into personal matters. Instead, chauffeurs must pay careful attention to the way the client behaves or what he or she requests. Perhaps one client loves to talk on the way to the hotel; another might prefer her ride to be absolutely silent. Maybe one client always requests a particular radio station, and another is always drinking a specific brand of coffee.

Whatever the case, the chauffeur’s job is to identify these client preferences, and then always meet or provide those specifics – without being asked. The anticipation is what sets chauffeurs apart: keen observation, and taking initiative to provide superior, tailored service are the hallmarks of a great chauffeur.

2. Share Some Tailored Tips

As chauffeurs learn their clients’ preferences, they can use this information to keep clients updated on the latest events or activities in the travel area – making sure, of course, the client is comfortable with this kind of conversation.

If a client enjoys fine dining, a chauffeur can proactively research new restaurants in the area and inform the client. If another client is an avid theatergoer, a chauffeur can stock the vehicle with magazine reviews of the latest local shows. Customers appreciate when their chauffeurs help them make the most of their time, and by providing a tailored service (unique to the client’s individual preferences) the chauffeur helps the passenger to maximize his or her time, not just in the vehicle, but afterward as well.

3. Go the Extra Mile

To really impress repeat clients, chauffeurs should try to surpass client expectations. Professionals call this “over-delivering,” and it is a key driver of repeat business.

Going the extra mile means paying close attention to details. For instance, most chauffeurs will stock bottled water. The chauffeur who wants to go the extra mile will stock the right brand of bottled water, if he or she knows the customer’s preference. Or, as another example, most clients will expect that a chauffeur loads their bags into the car. The chauffeur who really wants to impress will also carry those bags to the hotel front desk.

Providing this kind of top-notch service makes it easy to generate repeat business: clients feel like they have gotten excellent value for their dollar, which makes the decision to re-book with the same chauffeur simple.

4. Understand What It Means to be Reliable

Remember the main reason why customers book chauffeured services in the first place: they need reliable, trustworthy transportation professionals who will get them where they need to go on time. And, though they might not think about it, they definitely expect that their chauffeured service will be safe. That’s what reliability really means, and it’s the number one trait of a great chauffeur with a roster of repeat clients.

Never forget this basic, but crucial, aspect of chauffeuring. All the extra mile services in the world count for nothing unless the client can rely on the chauffeur to arrive early, drive safely, and get them to their destination on time.

5. Don’t Take Your Clients for Granted

After a client has become a repeat customer, a chauffeur cannot simply sit back and relax. Chauffeurs need to remember that, if the quality of their service dips, customers may leave. It is the chauffeur’s duty to always meet and exceed his or her client’s expectations, no matter how long that client has been a customer. That means continuing to pay attention to the client’s unspoken needs, looking for new ways go above and beyond for that customer, and maintaining the highest degree of reliability.

By following these five tips, chauffeurs can persuade new customers to become repeat clients. It’s well worth it to forge great relationships with customers who return again and again; it can lead to regular business, referrals, and increased income.