The Essentials of Every Chauffeur Uniform

A chauffeur’s uniform is more than just something to wear. It’s a symbol of professionalism and quiet, dignified service. The uniform sets chauffeurs apart from other transportation professionals. It signals and supports their dedication to luxurious customer service. When chauffeurs present themselves with crisp, clean uniforms, it makes all the difference in the world to clients, who demand the best quality service.

Generally speaking, the company a chauffeur drives for will dictate the specific clothing items and colors a chauffeur must wear while on the job. That being said, there are a few overarching trends that chauffeurs at all companies follow:

1. What Kind of Shirt Should a Chauffeur Wear?

It is best practice for chauffeurs to wear plain, collared white dress shirts. Some companies may specify other acceptable colors, but, more often than not, a chauffeur should always wear white. This color allows chauffeurs to maintain a certain level of style and class without drawing attention to themselves. As service-oriented professionals, it is important for chauffeurs to be presentable without being gaudy.

2. Complete the Look With a Suit

To complete the ensemble, chauffeurs should wear matching black suit jackets and suit pants. Jackets and pants should be simple: no unusual piping, decorations, or designs. The chauffeur’s suit should not call attention to him or her; rather it should help the chauffeur stay in the background, much like the shirt (see above).

Most chauffeurs are responsible for the care and cleaning of their suits. It is important for individual chauffeurs to see to it that their suit is freshly dry-cleaned and pressed on a regular basis. This helps chauffeurs project an image of meticulous care to clients. Ideally, it’s beneficial to own 2-3 suits and rotate between them.

3. The Finer Points: Socks and Shoes

A chauffeur’s feet should match their suit—black dress socks and shined black dress shoes are essential. Once again, the goal is simplicity: no visible logos or designs. We recommend high-quality leather shoes that can be easily cleaned and shined every day.

4. Accessories: What to Wear and When

Depending on the weather, a company’s specific dress code, or the type of client a chauffeur serves, chauffeurs may also need the following accessories:

Overcoats: In cold weather, chauffeurs may wear plain overcoats that match the color of their suits. Whenever a chauffeur does wear an overcoat, they should be sure to wear a suit jacket under their coat. Chauffeurs should never wear overcoats over collared shirts without a suit jacket.

Ties: Chauffeurs should wear black ties. Some companies may have specific ties that feature a company logo—for instance, Eagle chauffeurs wear black ties with the Eagle logo embroidered.

Belts: As the old etiquette dictates, a chauffeur’s belt should match their shoes. Therefore, chauffeurs should wear black belts made of high-quality leather, with no logos, designs, or overly ornate buckles.

Gloves: Some companies require that chauffeurs wear driving gloves. Gloves are usually plain black leather or plain white cotton, depending on the company’s regulations.

Hats: Some companies also require that chauffeurs wear plain black driving caps.

Jewelry: It‘s acceptable to wear subtle jewelry—wedding rings and chain necklaces worn under the shirt are two examples of jewelry that is permissible. However, too much “bling” looks very unprofessional.

Personal hygiene: Chauffeurs should always be neatly groomed with tidy hair— including facial hair. It’s also best to avoid any fragrances as some perfumes and colognes may trigger allergies or may simply be too much for the client to handle.

Where Can a Chauffeur Buy Their Uniform Items?

While some companies may provide chauffeurs with the necessary uniform items, others may ask chauffeurs to purchase their own. Generally, chauffeurs can purchase shirts, suits, overcoats, ties, gloves, socks, and belts at department stores, such as Macy’s or JCPenney—many of which can be found in the Philadelphia area. When it comes to purchasing hats, a chauffeur’s best bet is the Internet. Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon all sell plain black driving caps. Of course, always be wary of the risks associated with purchasing items online without being able to try it on first, so it’s a good idea to get sized for a hat beforehand at any hat store.

It is important to note that these are only guidelines for chauffeurs. A chauffeur should always check their company’s specific dress code before purchasing any items. Before starting a job, a chauffeur should speak with his or her superiors and obtain a detailed breakdown of the required uniform, perhaps with suggestions for where to purchase the necessary items. From there, a chauffeur can obtain all the items he or she needs in order to create a perfect, timeless chauffeur uniform that pleases customers.