How Does Eagle’s Six-Step System Ensure the Eagle Experience?

The Eagle Experience is what makes Eagle a unique choice in the world of ground transportation. Eagle sets itself apart by providing customers an unparalleled travel experience that is easy, comfortable, timely, and courteous.

How does the company do that? At each step of the transportation process—from booking to saving receipts—Eagle works to ensure that customers are free of stress and hassle.

  1. Reservations
  2. Eagle offers customers a variety of ways to book so that customers can make reservations using whatever form of communication is quickest, easiest, and most efficient for them. Customers can book an Eagle chauffeur in one of four ways:

  3. Confirmation
  4. Eagle customers don’t need to worry about keeping the details of their reservations in their heads or writing them down on easy-to-misplace pieces of paper. As soon as a customer books a chauffeur, Eagle emails or faxes the relevant details to the customer.

  5. Reminder
  6. Eagle customers also need not stress about missing reservations. Twenty-four hours before the day and time of a customer’s reservation, Eagle sends a reminder via email or phone, depending on the customer’s preference. This is a testament to Eagle’s pledge to get professionals where they need to be, on time, every time.

  7. Tracking
  8. With the Eagle app, customers always know where their chauffeurs are. Eagle tracks chauffeurs’ movement from the moment they are dispatched to the moment they drop a customer off. Customers can log in to the app and pinpoint their chauffeurs’ locations in real time, giving them peace of mind.

  9. Trip
  10. During the trip itself, Eagle’s chauffeurs display unrivalled customer service. They’ll listen to customers’ requests, provide information about the city and—most importantly—get customers where they need to go safely, comfortably, and on time.

  11. Receipt
  12. In case receipts get lost, users can simply login to their account to retrieve any information needed. Easier than dealing with loose slips of paper, Eagle sends customers digital receipts via email within 24 hours of their trips. That way, customers can more easily keep track of their transportation spending, which is especially useful for professional customers who need to submit expense reports or those who make multiple trips with Eagle.

Eagle creates the “Eagle Experience” by meeting customers’ needs at every step of the way during the transportation process. No stress; no missed reservations or late arrivals; No misplaced receipts—that’s the Eagle Experience!