How Eagle Handles Sensitive Customer Information And Ensures Privacy

In today’s technologically driven world, privacy must be one of the consumer’s first and foremost concerns. Social media platforms and various smartphone apps track massive amounts of customer data. Some companies keep this data private and secure, using it only to enhance user experiences. Other companies, unfortunately, use this data in self-serving ways: selling it to other organizations, for example, or using it to keep an uncomfortably close eye on consumers — even when they aren’t using the company’s services.

Recent months have seen a number of controversies surrounding customer data hit the news, including revelations that certain ride-sharing services have been tracking customer locations in invasive ways. Media outlets have also reported lax data security at some companies, where employees at all levels have access to customer data, which greatly compromises the privacy of consumers.

Like many other companies in the transportation industry, Eagle uses technology to create a more efficient user experience. Eagle understands that consumers appreciate when technology makes their lives easier, but do not want a company to overstep its data-tracking boundaries. This is why Eagle does its best to handle all customer data sensitively and securely.

Eagle Accounts: Personal and Private

Eagle encourages all customers to sign up for Eagle accounts, which store important information, such as preferred payment methods, vehicle and chauffeur preferences, and individual service needs. Eagle tracks this data to deliver personalized service to all customers, and to make repeat bookings easier.

Eagle does not share customer data with any other organizations, and the information contained in Eagle accounts is handled sensitively using multiple levels of security within the software. Eagle customers can also access their accounts online or through the Eagle app. This allows customers to maintain control over the information Eagle has on file. Customers can edit and delete data as they see fit.

Privacy and Discretion on the Road

Eagle chauffeurs are also trained to respect customer privacy and security. When customers ride in Eagle vehicles, chauffeurs keep everything private, including routes, destinations, and any information that customers choose to share. Eagle does not broadcast customers moves or share any private information. Eagle strives to ensure that customers feel comfortable on the road. Customer privacy and security are extremely important to Eagle, and all team members go to great lengths to ensure that customer information is never used for any reason other than making life easier for clients.