How Eagle Delivers the Eagle Experience by Paying Attention to Client Preferences

In order to deliver unparalleled service, chauffeurs must pay attention to the small things. Sure, their primary job is to transport customers to and from their destinations safely and efficiently, but great chauffeurs go above and beyond. They meet their customers’ every need, ensuring that everything from the climate of the car to the types of drinks stocked in the back meet the customer’s expectations.

Great Service Starts With Confidential Customer Files

Dispatchers at great chauffeured service companies keep detailed, secure, and highly confidential files on customers’ previous requests and ongoing needs. The purpose of these files is to ensure that the chauffeured service companies routinely deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Dispatchers note client preferences, such as their preferred chauffeurs and vehicles, the types of refreshments they enjoy, the types of music they like to hear in the vehicle—if any at all—and relay this information to chauffeurs. The chauffeurs are then ready and able to anticipate their customers’ needs.

Chauffeurs Take Note of Their Customers’ Preferences, Too

Dispatchers may be able to find out customer preferences from initial bookings and conversations, but rarely does a customer go into great detail about what he or she would like from a chauffeur. This is why it is important that chauffeurs pay careful attention to customer preferences while on duty—especially when transporting first-time customers.

Chauffeurs should take note of their customers’ likes and dislikes: does a customer prefer to open his or her door, rather than let the chauffeur do so? Does a customer always seem to have a certain soda in hand? Does the customer always ask for a certain radio station?

Chauffeurs should record their observations via small notebooks or smartphone apps then chauffeurs can return this information to dispatchers, who can add it to a customer’s file. The next time the customer books a chauffeur, he or she will find that the chauffeur has anticipated his or her every need.

By simply paying attention to customers, chauffeurs garner a wealth of information about how they can better serve their passengers. In turn, chauffeurs use this information to ensure that every customer’s ride is a luxurious, enjoyable, and stress-free experience.