Connected Cars: How the Internet Will Change the Way You Travel

Connected cars – that is, cars with built-in Wi-Fi – are a rising trend in ground transportation. That’s great news for business travelers. Whether you’re prepping for a conference on the way to the airport or looking for a way to relax after a long flight, you’ll benefit if your chauffeur is driving a connected car.

Unlimited Connectivity Means More Time for Work and Play

Currently, most business travelers who want to access the Internet while en route to the airport or hotel must rely on the data plans of their mobile devices. But not all travelers have unlimited data plans, which means significant charges if there’s an overage. Therefore, many business travelers must limit the amount of time they spend on the Internet while traveling.

Thankfully, that’s changing. By 2020, 75% of cars in the world will come equipped with Wi-Fi. When connected cars become the norm, data overages won’t be a problem. If business travelers want to catch up on email, communicate with colleagues or clients, or put the finishing touches on a presentation or proposal, they can do so with ease.

When the chauffeur’s vehicle comes with wireless Internet, the backseat will be as comfortable and relaxing as the traveler’s own living room.

Connected Cars Offer More Comfortable, Customizable Rides

Many experts predict that with connected cars will come vehicle-based apps. This means that business travelers may be able to more easily “customize” their rides. Imagine being able to control the vehicle’s air conditioning or radio directly from a smartphone. Chauffeurs will be able to keep their focus on the road and you’ll be able to tailor the ride to your personal specifications.

Commentators have also forecasted that traffic apps will automatically notify drivers – and passengers – when accidents occur or routes are backed up. You will both know about any potential delays as soon as they arise, and you’ll be able to discuss alternative routes.

Connected cars will benefit all drivers and passengers, but they will be especially advantageous for chauffeurs and business travelers. Increased connectivity means increased productivity and comfort. The future of the automobile – and the future of travel itself – is bright, and it’s coming to a chauffeured vehicle near you.