Commuting doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

Just How Comfortable is a Ride with Eagle?

When you hire a chauffeured service, you expect luxury, safety and reliability. To meet these expectations, a ground transportation service cannot leave anything to chance. Proper planning, foresight and attention to detail ensures a comfortable ride from start to finish. To that end, here are the six ways a chauffeur service can guarantee customer comfort.

1. Climate Control

Commuting doesn't have to be uncomfortable.
Let Eagle make your drive the most comforting part of your day.

A major component of comfort in any vehicle is the air temperature. No matter what the weather is like outside, your ride should be as warm or cool as you like it. It’s a simple touch, but a crucial one, which is why a quality chauffeur service will ensure that its vehicles have sensitive climate controls to adjust to your preferences.

2. Soundtrack

As a client, you shouldn’t have to worry about being forced to listen to Top 40 hits if you’d rather hear a classical symphony. A professional ground transportation service should make it easy for you to listen to whichever radio station you prefer, at a volume that’s comfortable for you. Whether it’s music, news or silence, the choice should always be yours.

3. Solitude

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You may use your trip for a variety of purposes; from relaxing or napping, to taking calls, or checking emails — therefore it’s crucial that your chauffeur service allows you to do what you need to uninterrupted. Of course, if you prefer to strike up a conversation with your chauffeur, staff should be friendly, social and inviting.

4. Privacy

Hand in hand with solitude is privacy, so that you can feel comfortable taking personal calls or working on classified projects. A professional chauffeur will always be discreet and focused on the road, encouraging a sense of privacy in the vehicle.

5. Luggage

Hauling luggage shouldn’t be a chore for a client. It is part of a chauffeur’s responsibilities to carry, properly load and unload bags for you, to make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable.

6. Refreshments

A ground transportation service should offer complimentary water or a predetermined refreshment to passengers, so that they need not concern themselves with providing their own. These refreshments should always be fresh and properly stored.

With the right chauffeured service, the combination of little things can add up to a bigger picture of luxury and convenience. Not all services take into account the many different ways to make a passenger’s ride more comfortable; but these small improvements can have a great impact. The next time you enjoy a ride with a chauffeur, check to see if your service provides you with these six factors that set the standard for comfort and luxury.