Choosing A Limo: What Vehicle Is Right For My Trip?

Once you’ve chosen the right chauffeur service, the next step is to choose the right vehicle for your needs. Most services offer a variety of options in their fleets, each one suitable for different occasions. The trick is selecting the vehicle that fits your specific situation. Below, we offer some guidelines on what purposes different types of vehicles can serve.

1. Sedan

Sedans are the standard option in many fleets. They are perfect for when you traveling alone, or for groups of 3 or less. They’re small enough to not feel strangely cavernous when you ride solo, but still roomy enough that even when all seats are filled, everyone has enough legroom.

Choose the sedan for: Business travel to and from airports, hotels, meetings, conferences and restaurants.

2. SUV

SUVs are the perfect choice for groups traveling together. Eagle’s SUVs, for example, can seat up to six passengers. SUVs also perform well in inclement weather, thanks to the added traction of 4-wheel drive. Choose the SUV for: a group outing with friends or colleagues, and smaller group airport transportation.

3. Executive Van

Traveling with a larger group? Executive vans can comfortably seat up to 10 passengers. Equipped with high-back reclining captain’s chairs, executive vans are great when traveling longer distances. Choose the executive van for: A group business trip or larger group outing.

4. Luxury Van

The luxury van is similar to the executive van, in that it seats up to 11 people, but it offers higher-end interior details. Perfect for “wowing” your VIP guests.

Choose the luxury van for: Transporting your group – perhaps colleagues or clients – around town in style and comfort.

5. Black Limousine

Available in 6-, 8-, or 10-passenger models, classic limousines are great for groups of people traveling to or from special occasions. Limos offer privacy partitions, neon fiber optic lighting, and complimentary soda and snacks, creating an aura of leisure and luxury.

Choose the limousine for: Weddings, parties, formal events and other celebrations when you and your group want to arrive in style.

6. Limo Bus

When your party is too large for a limo, try a limo bus. These buses can seat 14-16 people and boast privacy curtains, multiple projection TVs with DVDs/VCRs, and wet bar refreshment areas. Choose the limo bus for: an out-of-this world experience; the limo bus is an event in and of itself.

7. Luxury Motorcoach

Traveling long distance with a very large group? The luxury motorcoach seats 57 passengers. For maximum comfort and convenience, luxury motorcoaches offer restrooms, foot rests, window shades, wi-fi connections, AC outlets, and overhead parcel racks.

Choose the luxury motorcoach for: Transporting your entire staff to your annual office retreat or holiday party.

8. Minibus

Traveling long distance with a smaller group? Bussing a mid-sized group around town? The minibus seats up to 21 people and acts as a great alternative to the full luxury motorcoach. The minibus features a dedicated luggage area, reading lamps, and cloth seats with arm rests.

Choose the minibus for: Touring a group to multiple locations around your city.

9. Maxibus

The maxibus serves as a nice middle ground between the minibus and the full luxury motorcoach. It seats up to 33 people and offers reading lamps, tinted windows, a premium sound system, and plenty of head and leg room.

Choose the maxibus for: when you need room for a large group, but don’t need the full space or amenities of the luxury motorcoach.

Whatever your needs, your chauffeur service should have a vehicle in their fleet to accommodate you. The right vehicle for the right event can make all the difference: use these tips to make the right choice, or get in touch with your chauffeur services representative to ensure your ride is perfect in every way.