Choosing the Right Chauffeur Service

Choosing the right chauffeured service can make or break your event – and there’s more to consider than simply price. Before you book, assess and compare a chauffeur service’s qualifications in terms of training, the appearance of both the fleet and the employees, as well as the safety precautions implemented by the crew.

1. Safety and Training

Safety and training are the two most important points to consider when choosing the right chauffeured service. When speaking with a ground transportation company, ask about their safety standards and vehicle safety records. If the company can’t provide that information, take that as a red flag – this isn’t a company that you would like to hire.

Similarly, a company’s chauffeurs should be well-trained; a proper chauffeur has more qualifications than just driver’s license. A quality chauffeur service will test their candidates rigorously both on and off the road and provide ongoing training to staff. New chauffeurs shadow experienced chauffeurs until they demonstrate a level of comfort and confidence on the road. Only then do they take on real customers.

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2. Professional Appearance

You can tell a lot about a chauffeur service by how the chauffeurs dress. Do they wear clean, classic uniforms, or do they appear disheveled or unkempt? Poor dress may be a sign that a chauffeur service lacks professionalism or service excellence.

3. Vehicles

When it comes to a transportation company’s fleet, you want to consider two points: style and safety.

What do the vehicles look like? Are they well-maintained and comfortably appointed? Will you be stepping into a classic black town car, or something garish and unsightly? Much like you want a professional driver, you also want a professional fleet that suits your taste and the nature of your event or business.

Also consider the age of vehicles in the fleet. A quality chauffeur service only deploys clean, reliable, up-to-date transport that meets safety regulations. A chauffeur service that keeps cars in the fleet when they are past their prime puts staff and clients at risk.

How Do I Hire a

We hear it all the time: “I just want to know how I can hire someone to take me from A to B,” or “I just need a ride to the airport. What can I do?”

Let us answer one of your most commonly asked question.

How to Hire

4. Price

Comparing rates can help you to select a service that fits your budget, but remember: you don’t exactly want to book a discount chauffeur service. Low price is no guarantee of quality; some-times you pay for what you get.

What is most important is that your chauffeur is safe, dependable, and professional. Chauffeured services with low rates may be attractive, but the savings are not worth it if your chauffeur shows up late, weaves through traffic, or gets pulled over while you’re in the back seat.

At first glance, hiring a chauffeured service seems like an easy task. But there are many factors to consider beyond the price to ensure that you receive the quality service and the necessary safety features you expect from hiring a driver. Take the time to inspect the service’s fleet and staff and feel empowered to ask questions – a little due diligence now can spare you a headache later.