Can’t Find Parking? 5 Mobile Apps That Help Make Chauffeurs’ Lives A Lot Easier

Parking can be a hassle, especially when driving in a crowded city. For those who drive professionally, finding a parking spot poses an even more daunting challenge. Chauffeurs keenly understand the pain of needing to park a vehicle, but not knowing where there’s an available spot. When one must pick up and drop off a number of clients every day, locating a parking spot can become a recurring concern.

Luckily, chauffeurs in need of a place to park don’t have to fret as much as they would have in the past: today, there are mobile apps to help secure prime parking real estate. Below, we share our five favorite parking apps to help make chauffeurs’ lives a little easier:

  1. Parker by Streetline

  2. Streetline’s Parker app allows users to select a street on which they want to park and view open spots and parking garages in the area. Users can access information about prices, pay for parking in advance (if applicable), and receive voice navigation to a desired spot. For metered parking, the app also includes a built-in timer and will alert users when their meters are about to expire.

    Currently, Parker is available for iPhone and some Android devices. The app contains parking information for more than 30 cities and universities in both the U.S. and the U.K., while Streetline continues to add more areas.

    Cost: Free
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  3. ParkWhiz

  4. While ParkWhiz doesn’t contain information about street parking, it does allow users to book spots in garages & parking lots and pay in advance directly through the app. ParkWhiz also helps users compare prices and save up to 60 percent on regular rates.

    ParkWhiz is available for iPhone and Android, and includes parking information for thousands of locations across the U.S.

    Cost: Free
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  5. BestParking

  6. BestParking describes itself as a “parking search engine.” Essentially, it works like Google: users search for parking in a given area, and BestParking returns a list of results. BestParking includes information about pricing, variable rates, availability, how to contact parking facilities, and more.

    What differentiates BestParking from other apps is that the app partners with parking service providers to offer exclusive deals on parking, which helps users save money.

    BestParking is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry 10. The app contains parking information for cities and airports across the country. Users can also access BestParking through a handy mobile site.

    Cost: Free
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  7. ParkBud

  8. ParkBud bills itself as a “hand-sculpted luxury parking and travel guide.” Users “build” the ParkBud app themselves by saving their favorite parking spots, keeping notes on parking availability and regulations, and reading reviews of locations from other ParkBud users.

    ParkBud also sets itself apart from the pack through a sleek, modern design. ParkBud’s interface is fully customizable, too: users can adjust settings and turn functions on and off according to their specific needs.

    ParkBud is only available for iPhone.

    Cost: $2.99
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  9. SpotHero

  10. SpotHero is best for those who want to find and book parking in advance. It operates similarly to BestParking: users search for parking in an area, find available spots, compare rates, and pay in advance via desktop or mobile device.

    Currently, SpotHero is available in eight U.S. cities, including Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and Boston. SpotHero allows interested parties to sign up for a mailing list that will notify them when their city is added to SpotHero’s list.

    SpotHero is available for iPhone and Android.

    Cost: Free
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Workers in every industry are enjoying apps that make their jobs less stressful; chauffeurs are no different. Armed with these apps, chauffeurs can save time and money and enjoy a better parking experience. A big part of the job just got a lot easier.