A Business Traveler’s Best Friends: 5 Apps for Stress-Free Travel

Business travelers meet your new best friend. Mobile technology is here to ease the burden of traveling for work by helping busy executives plan and manage their trips. From itineraries to hotels to restaurants, for stress-free business travel arm your smartphone with these five apps:

  1. TripIt
  2. Travel itineraries are key for smooth, stress-free trips and there is no better way to create and carry a travel itinerary than TripIt.

    TripIt users can forward their flight, hotel, restaurant, and car service confirmation emails, and the app will automatically merge these emails and create a “master itinerary.” You can also edit your itineraries manually and sync them across multiple devices. The “Pro” version includes added features, such as real-time flight alerts and the ability to share travel plans with colleagues and coworkers.

    Available for iOS and Android
    Cost: Free for the basic plan; $4.09 per month for TripItPro

  3. MobileSuites
  4. MobileSuites is a one-stop shop for all things hotel-related. Through the app, you can make reservations at more than 1,800 hotels in the U.S. – but that’s only the beginning.

    The true benefit of MobileSuites is what it allows users to do after they’ve booked their rooms and checked in. Using the app, you can order room service, contact hotel staff, and even check out of your room.

    Available for iOS and Android
    Cost: Free

  5. Scannable
  6. A business traveler collects a lot of paper during his or her trip: business cards, reports, presentations, contracts, receipts, and so on. Scannable makes it easy to keep all of these documents in one place by turning your iPhone into a mobile scanner. With Scannable, all your important documents are secure in one portable place, instead of crumpled at the bottom of your pockets or suitcase.

    Available for iOS
    Cost: Free

  7. AroundMe
  8. AroundMe makes it easy for you to find the places and services you need in unfamiliar surroundings. Looking for the nearest coffee shop or bank? AroundMe is your mobile local guide, no matter where you are. Simply open the app, search for what you need, and AroundMe will point you in the right direction. So feel free to go explore.

    Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones
    Cost: Free

  9. Expensify
  10. Expensify is the easiest way to keep track of business expenses while traveling. Users simply take photos of their receipts and send them back to their companies for reimbursement – a task which Expensify can also complete.

    No receipt? No problem: because Expensify can connect to your bank account, it can capture information about credit and debit card transactions and pass it along to the right department.

    Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones
    Cost: $5 per user per month for the “Team” plan; $9 per user per month for the “Corporate” plan; custom “Enterprise” plans are also available.

Business travel just got easier. Simply turn your smartphone into a mobile sidekick with these five apps and enjoy a stress-free, hassle-free trip.