How the Best Chauffeurs Make the Most of Their Downtime

A chauffeur doesn’t spend all of his or her time driving. In fact, the actual act of driving may take up a relatively small portion of a chauffeur’s day. But great chauffeurs don’t spend the rest of the day staring at the ceiling of the car. Rather, great chauffeurs use downtime to their advantage in a number of ways:

  1. They Focus on the Roads – Even When They Aren’t Driving

    Chauffeurs need to know the best way to get the client where they need to be as quickly, and safely as possible. As such, chauffeurs need to be aware of traffic jams, weather forecasts, roadwork, and any other factors that may have an impact on the route a chauffeur chooses to take.

    While waiting for clients, chauffeurs will use the radio or Internet to check up on driving conditions. That way, if problems arise with the chauffeur’s planned route, they can make the necessary adjustments.

  2. They Strive to Be Better

    Most chauffeurs have Internet-enabled devices, like tablets, smartphones, or even laptops, on hand in their vehicles. While waiting for clients, chauffeurs may choose to read up on trends and changes in the industry, which will allow them to stay ahead of the latest best practices. Some chauffeurs may have access to log into chauffeur training apps or read trusted websites to help them improve their customer service skills and expand their knowledge of driving.

  3. They Make Sure Their Vehicles Are Looking and Operating Perfectly

    Chauffeurs may also use their downtime to ensure their vehicles are in the best possible condition. This may include cleaning the interior, filling the gas tank, checking fluid levels, and/or washing the vehicle’s exterior. Chauffeurs may also take this time to restock refreshments or obtain newspapers and magazines for their clients.

  4. They Get Paperwork Done and Out of the Way

    Chauffeurs must keep logs of their trips and their vehicle’s condition. They may also need to handle receipts, depending on the company for which they work. Chauffeurs can make valuable use of wait times by filling out necessary paperwork – rather than saving it all for the end of their shift.

  5. They Don’t Stretch Themselves Too Thin

    There’s one thing that no great chauffeur does while waiting for a client: pick up another client. If a chauffeur tries to juggle too many clients at once, they’ll end up rushed and harried. They won’t be able to deliver the best possible service. So, instead of trying to squeeze multiple runs into the same timeframe, a great chauffeur dedicates themselves to one client at a time. While waiting for that client, there’s plenty for a chauffeur to do.

In short, there are plenty of ways for chauffeurs to make the most of their downtime. From monitoring traffic to keeping accurate records, chauffeurs can use their waiting periods in any number of pursuits that improve their performance and elevate the level of service they provide.