Do You Have an Eagle Account? 5 Reasons Why You Should

Traveling can be frustrating and stressful – but we do it to get to where we need to go. When you book with Eagle, we automatically create an Eagle account for you. Why? We do this because customers receive excellent benefits simply by having accounts with us and we can mitigate some commonplace traveler frustrations, so that you have a better experience.

1. Payment Benefits

An Eagle account makes receipt management easy. Eagle automatically sends receipts straight to your inbox, and you can request new copies if need be – without a long wait time.

Eagle also securely saves your payment information, meaning that you don’t need to have your credit card handy every time you book. Your account can also keep both personal and corporate credit cards on file, allowing you to choose which one Eagle should bill for any given ride. The best part of having personal and corporate cards on file? Any corporate discounts will be passed on to your personal card as well.

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2. Streamlined Process

When you have an Eagle account, booking becomes a simple process. When your information is already on file, your one and only step is to call Eagle and let us know when and where you need a chauffeur. We’ll take care of the rest.

Not sure if your meeting will run over time? Eagle also offers “authorized wait” period, where your chauffeur will wait at the pickup point until you are ready to depart. With the authorized wait request, we guarantee that our chauffeurs will not leave the pickup location until you are in the vehicle or you call us to release the vehicle.

3. Chauffeur Preferences

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Your Eagle account makes note of and tracks your chauffeur preferences. Are there a few chauffeurs you prefer above the rest? When scheduling your ride, we’ll try to make sure we send you one of those chauffeurs. Similarly, if there is a chauffeur with whom you just didn’t get along, we’ll restrict that chauffeur on your account so that they are not sent in the future.

4. Vehicle Preferences

Similar to chauffeur preferences, your Eagle account contains information about what sort of vehicles you prefer and what sort of vehicles you absolutely never want. If your Eagle account says you don’t want an SUV, Eagle will be sure you don’t end up with one, no matter what.

5. Personalized Service

Eagle accounts allow Eagle to cater to each customer’s individual preferences and needs. Are there particular snacks and beverages you like? Are there certain places you go often? Do you have a preference for certain routes or city sights? Eagle makes note of all of this and more. Every time you get into an Eagle vehicle, you can be certain the chauffeur knows just what you need.

We create an Eagle account for you so that your experience traveling with us is extraordinary. From convenience to attention to detail, we care about your unique needs and preferences and want to ensure that every time you ride with us, our service is tailored to you.